Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary

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Welcome to Miss Gracia's Class

Dear Parents,
I want to welcome you to an exciting school year!  Let's work together to make this year a continous success for your child.  I encourage you to keep abreast of your child's progress by calling me or making an appointment to meet.  My conference time is from 12:35-1:20. 
The following are suggestions that you may do at home with your son/daughter:
* Read daily for 20 minutes.  The books can be from the public library, any book you can buy at the stores and magazines for children or visit the Tumble Books on the Library Link.
* Use the Spelling Words and High Frequency Words from the homework sheets and make cards so that your child can play matching game.
Parents I remind you that the Library is open daily from 7:10-7:40 so that your son/daughter can read and test.  The six weeks goal is to earn a total of 30 AR points.  Your child can reach the goal by earning 5 points every week.  I strongly encourage your child to read and test since it helps them with comprehension and vocabulary skills.  The Library is also open on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15-4:00 to provide extra time to reach their goal.
I look forward to a GREAT YEAR OF TEAM WORK!