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Principal's Message » Message from the Principal 2020-2021

Message from the Principal 2020-2021

Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary and the start of a new school year. It is an honor and privilege to welcome each of you, on behalf of our Interim Superintendent, Mrs. Monica Luna and the Valley View Independent School District Board of Trustees. I take this time to introduce myself as the new Principal at Wilbur E. Lucas. This school year comes with many challenges that we have never faced before.  I am confident that the 2020-2021 school year will see us meet those challenges and demonstrate why educators succeed where others fail.  It is our ability to adapt, to do more with less, that allows us to persevere.  


Our goal at Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary is to inspire our students to be tomorrow’s leaders by becoming life-long learners and problem solvers so they can be productive members of society. This goal can be attained through the 3 R’s.  Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.  We will provide a learning environment that promotes both social and emotional success through a Rigorous Academic Curriculum and a School Culture that focuses on Relevant Connections and building strong Teacher – Student Relationships.  TEAMWORK is the path to success during any undertaking.  We must maintain the lines of communication with students, parents, the community and each other if we are to make an effective team.  It is through all of our hard work, dedication, and determination that we will make this coming school year the best year yet.


Additionally, Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary's Belief Statement is that:


Students always come first.

This precept simply states that failure will not be tolerated. We believe that when a child fails to learn, it is the system that fails – not the child. This campus (principal and the entire staff) must assume ownership and accept accountability for the learning outcomes of each and every child. District policies and practices will provide known standards, a demanding curriculum, well prepared teachers, and a culture of excellence.


All students can learn and achieve.

This fundamental tenet proclaims that every child can and will learn in an educational setting committed to high expectations for all. A traditional perception of an education system in which young people leave the public schools semi-skilled, and enter low wage, service jobs is in-congruent with the technological 21st   century.


All school activities support learning in a nurturing and challenging environment.

The school system pledges to provide specialized student support services that involve parents throughout the entire educational process of the child and will focus on expanded outreach efforts to ensure uninterrupted school attendance and completion.


We will prepare all students for the future.

The future demands an educated workforce where all citizens are thinking, productive members of the community. Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary will provide equitable learning and support services to ensure that every child becomes a responsible, productive citizen regardless of race, gender, economic/social background, or unique developmental needs.


Schools, parents and the community must work together to improve student’s learning.

Quality education is a collaborative process among leaders and learners where teachers, parents, students, the community, and administration are individually valued, and where they jointly share responsibilities for making decisions that improve educational opportunities for all children. In a supportive environment, all stakeholders feel that their actions matter to the overall success of the organization.


Effective and high quality administrators, teachers and support staff make a positive difference in the lives of students.

The hallmark of a good educational system is measured by the quality of the people who deliver instruction. Programs and innovations have been traditionally touted as the pathways to a good educational system. No program, no matter how innovative, well researched, or costly, will succeed without the efforts of an effective, caring teaching staff. Wilbur E. Lucas must encourage and nurture our teachers to explore, take risks, and grow intellectually and professionally.


No student will be held more accountable than the adults.

The change process and change itself is an internal, personal process not a group activity. Successful change comes about when each person is committed to a common vision and mutually shared beliefs that guide the behavior of the entire organization. Each District stakeholder, those within the school family (i.e. the Board, administration, school staff, and students), and those in the extended school family (parents, community, businesses, and civic organizations) must believe and exhibit the tenets that form the foundation of Wilbur E. Lucas's core values. Wilbur E. Lucas values the role, responsibilities, and worth of each person in the community to help make being EXEMPLARY a reality.


We are One, We are Strong, We are Valley View!

Isaias Vidal Jr.,

Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary Principal