Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary

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Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary Awarded the 2017 America's Best Urban School Award

Valley View Independent School District Principal, Dr. Rosemarie Gomez was awarded the 2017 America's Best Urban School Award on May 16, 2017 at the National Center for Urban School Transformation Symposium in Nashville, Tenn.


The NCUST announced the award in March. Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary received the National Excellence in Education Awards during the May event.  


This award is an acknowledgement of the academic success Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary has achieved for many years and the role teachers, students and parents have played in that success.  This is an award that is given in recognition for what the school has achieved.  It is based on the high level of academic success that reaches children at every socio-economic level and how that high achievement influences the life opportunities of the children served at Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary.


The NCUST follows strict criteria for awarding National Excellence in Education Awards. According to Joseph Johnson, NCUST Executive Director, "many schools are unable to meet the criteria".


Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary received the Bronze Excellence in Education Award at the symposium. 


http://www.ncust.com Source: NCUST
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