Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary

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Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary students have been busy building houses – birdhouses, that is. Students in grades PK-4 submitted over 45 birdhouses on Monday, January 25th. The judges had a tough time determining the winners. Tiger Bucks and Certificates were awarded to the students. Winners are:
3rd Place:
Santiago Garza Ramos. 4th grade Mrs. Frausto
Melina Lara 1st grade Ms. Guerrero

2nd Place:
Diego Palacios 2nd grade Mrs. Gonzalez
Jose A. Delgado 2nd grade Mrs. Saldaña

1st Place:
Leila Cruz Kinder Mrs. I. Guerrero
Xavier Vallejo 3rd grade Ms. Gracia

34407/76421_thumb.jpg 34407/76741_thumb.jpg 34407/77028_thumb.jpg 34407/77349_thumb.jpg 34407/77671_thumb.jpg
34407/77992_thumb.jpg 34407/78313_thumb.jpg 34407/78703_thumb.jpg 34407/79022_thumb.jpg 34407/79341_thumb.jpg
34407/79667_thumb.jpg 34407/79993_thumb.jpg 34407/87120_thumb.jpg 34407/87371_thumb.jpg 34407/83258_thumb.jpg
34407/80635_thumb.jpg 34407/84163_thumb.jpg 34407/85845_thumb.jpg 34407/85278_thumb.jpg 34407/81362_thumb.jpg
34407/80956_thumb.jpg 34407/82608_thumb.jpg 34407/80317_thumb.jpg 34407/84797_thumb.jpg 34407/81631_thumb.jpg
34407/88102_thumb.jpg 34407/83907_thumb.jpg 34407/88416_thumb.jpg 34407/82939_thumb.jpg 34407/86719_thumb.jpg
34407/85530_thumb.jpg 34407/84476_thumb.jpg 34407/89057_thumb.jpg 34407/87622_thumb.jpg 34407/83581_thumb.jpg
34407/82168_thumb.jpg 34407/86407_thumb.jpg 34407/88737_thumb.jpg